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Magdalene Immersion

Aligning with the Rose-Light of Venus is an illuminating and transformative experience.

Personal Venus Readings

What is your Personal Venus Imprint Signature?

We are each born within a specific Venus cycle, as a morning or evening star, within a specific CHAKRA gate–themes which our soul is working on in this life–usually patterns we address over and over, until we become fully empowered in that domain.

Creative Actualization

Intentional Compost
Illumination w/the Sun

Retreat Phase (retrograde)
rare only 3% of population,
a significant placement

Which of these gates are most prevalent in your life?

Core Embodiment Sessions

The Core is a physical, psychological and energetic structure, which forms and builds as we grow and move through each stage of life.

When we build a literal and energetic bridge with the heart-mind, body and soul our core awakens, and then our very essence vibrates with gnosis.

With this knowing, we become conscious and empowered, and realize how imperative core-integration is to our well-being. The pathway of integrating and stabilizing the core is a powerful and dynamic process, which entails meeting varied aspects of the Self and then bringing them into joyous communion.

Core Embodiment weaves the practice of Process Oriented Bodywork (educational touch, dialogue, energywork, guided imagery) acupressure and the Pilates Method. This combination is an invitation to unite, transform and manifest one’s divine essence into physical and energetic core empowerment.



We rise as a Morning Star, Evening Star, or we are illuminated by the Sun or in Retrograde phase. Which one are you?

All signatures are unique, and reveal the distinctive themes we are dancing with in this lifetime, relative to self-worth, relationships (inner and outer) AND how we embody the feminine.

Our Sacred Feminine mission in this lifetime and the culmination of lifetimes is revealed in our Venus Imprint Signature.


Magdalene Feast Day

Each day now, we build to celebrate the rise of Mary Magdalene in our collective conscious. June 2006 the Pope dubbed her a Saint, and from here forward she is offically honored for her significant role in the ascension of Jesus, the Christ, on July 22nd each year. It is no small feat to rise … Continue reading Magdalene Feast Day

Ganesha Remover of Obstacles

Today during Spiritual belly dance class, and after recording the Leo Venus Gate with Tashi and Joanna I thought about the Ganesha mantra. Back in 2009 I posted about transiting Saturn opposing Uranus, and I correlated the Ganesha mantra to working consciously with them. After meditating about this I had a realization that Ganesha could … Continue reading Ganesha Remover of Obstacles

Venus on the Rise

Venus is on the move folks. She is slowly, and surely coming to rise, out from her hidden adventures (to the naked eye) with the Sun (also called the underworld). May 3rd she ventures towards the evening sky, in Taurus @23 and May 12th Venus moves into the 1st Evening Star Gate, in the sign … Continue reading Venus on the Rise