The Virgo-Pisces Generation

“As this generation comes into its full stride around the turn of the millennium they begin to contribute their Uranus-Pluto gift of transformative originality to the collective.”
~Caroline Casey

Collectively, I see the Virgo-Pisces Generation as choosing to be reborn in the Sixties to rise from the ashes of the Virgonian archetype and ignite the sacred flame of healing in full force, to awaken the collective unconscious to the ancient rites of the Earth and to the power of the feminine. The Sacred Feminine is returning now to claim her heritage, and we have symbolically and figuratively voted to be of service to her as we step into maturation.

The baby boomer generation (Pluto in Leo 1938-1958) is retiring or on their way towards it, and we, the 60’s Generation, are being ushered onto the stage of fulfillment as the Earth breaks through into her new and ancient form. This calls on us to take personal responsibility for the fulfillment of our sacred soul signatures. Linked with the later evolutionary stages of the astrological wheel, the outer-planets operate beyond the subjective and slowly establish their respective trends within the collective mind.

Due to their sensitive natures and their highly refined digestive and nervous systems, many born with the 60s Generation signature were born into circumstances which either catalyzed them into a deep awakening path, leading them to reach out of the realms of addiction and abuse (Chiron in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio), chronic blame, somatic illness, hypochondria and victimhood (Virgo-Pisces), or they have remained there.

Some souls have not come fully through to the other side of these events due to the depth of the physical and spiritual trauma, and disillusionment they experienced, including those from the Pluto in Leo generation who lived the sixties.  Many of these souls are still getting drunk and stoned today, suppressing the trauma.

Virgo, detailed, precise, organized, and diagnostic, is also devotional; service oriented, and health conscious. She rules the physical body, especially the digestive organs (stomach, spleen, liver), and governs holistic health and the study of flower essences, homeopathy, and small animals. Her shadow aspects include perfectionism, criticalness, and over-analyzing.

In direct opposition to Virgo is Pisces, the water of life and the source of all consciousness. Pisces encompasses the realms of unity, dreams, vision, psychic intuition, empathy, and compassion while its shadow includes a serious lack of boundaries, addiction, self-sabotage, disillusionment, delusion, and martyrdom.

Those of us born with personal planets in challenging aspects to the 60s Generational signature experienced deep spiritual and personal initiations, through severe and shocking traumas leading many of us to the alternative health field and spiritual practices to sooth our highly refined Chironic natures.

To actually harness all of the aspects within my chart has been quite a task and considering the oppositional nature of my chart, one can clearly see a natural rebelliousness towards authority, especially cultural and patriarchal authority.

For heaven’s sake anyone born with three outer planets in stressful aspects to Saturn and Venus calls forth for nothing less. Consciously being in relationship with of all of these natal aspects has been an arduous, adventurous, and blissful journey and I have spent a great deal of my life refining my understanding and embodiment of its intense, conflicting and dynamic configuration.


written 2009

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