Shamanic Doorway

I came in just at the height of huge social, political, and spiritual r-evolution (summer 65), and although I was born with this highly charged astrological energy, I was personally oblivious to its deeper meaning. I had no sense of the social and political pulse.

What I do remember is watching the high school girls walk to the bus stop in their mini-skirts and go-go boot fashion (they looked so cool!) and the bereft American Indian man on our television screens, begging us to stop polluting.  And then there was Billy Jack.  Similar to the impact the movie Born Free had on me, the plight of Native Americans touched me to the core.  All of this was happening while Pluto was in Libra.

Interestingly enough, my sisters and I emulated (like many other young souls did then) the wounds of the Native Americans.  This helped us find our way through harrowing times, a shamanic doorway if you will.  We wore healing stones, turquoise mainly, braided our hair with leather, wore moccasins everywhere, and smoked a pipe, only we weren’t smoking peace pipes or following sacred ceremonial rituals, but we certainly felt as if we were.  We had our own path, yet in our hearts, we were honoring our red brothers and sisters.

By the mid-seventies our personal karmic-generational signatures began to truly awaken.  I was eleven. In love with Andy Gibb, still playing with Barbie dolls, and seemingly innocent in terms of life experience (although I had been sexually and physically abused before then).  The Bionic Woman was my heroine, but she was no match for the Saturn transit coming to meet the bottom of my natal chart.  That summer, Saturn hit the mid-degrees of Leo, entered my third house, paired up with the Sun and Mercury and my life changed dramatically.

Within a few short months of my father moving out (May 1976), getting stoned with my mother became the norm, and cigarette smoking and pot smoking became a daily habit.  Somehow my oldest sister got hold of some Opium, which she and I smoked up in the school field.  I immediately had a vision of myself as a young Native American male on a right of passage with an Elder somewhere in Black Hills of South Dakota.  The Opium induced vision ignited the inner warrior within me to awaken (a soul memory).  This courage literally carried me through hell and back for many years to come.  Interesting enough, I recently found out (during 2008 Saturn opposition) from my sister that my father, the one I was busy surviving, is the one who gave my sister the Opium!  

As reached the mid-degrees of Virgo, in 1978, I was literally beside myself attempting to survive the lessons of my soul. My father’s unconscious see-saw dry-drunk, sweet and violent behavior, and my mother’s depressive personality along with her drug use and outrageous sexual additions took hold of us all and my carefree unhampered life exploded in bizarre situations. With Virgo-Pisces Gemini-Sag grand cross, I had a highly refined nervous system, which did not mix well with the sex, drugs and rock n-roll which entered into my life. My sun-filled carefree life exploded into abusive, bizarre and life-threatening situations.  I was literally unable to digest the events occurring within my family system and my mind nearly exploded while attempting to assimilate the insanity of my environment (Mercury 3rd house).

The aftermath of the sixties left the collective and the children born then to deal with the intensity of the light which came forward without a container to channel the vitality and consciousness of the times. Numerous children were raised in boundaryless environments where drug and alcohol use, extreme sexual expression and spiritual disembodiment were the norm. These environments perpetuated into sexually and physically abusive, drug and alcohol addictive environments, inviting the gray matter of astral realms (Chiron Pisces) into our homes and bodies, ultimately leading to the chronic syndrome of ADD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This is not to say all children born in the sixties experienced what I did, and I have meet many many individuals this year, born between 1962 and 1969 who totally relate to the definition of the 60s Generation.

During this time transiting Neptune was conjunct my south node in Sagittarius, square my generational Virgo planets, and Chiron squared my Moon and opposed Mars.

By the time I reached ninth grade, I had done every drug imaginable other than shooting up heroin.  Downers seemed to suit me best.  Lacking healthy functional role models, I focused on those I could relate to and Janis Joplin won the cake!  She became my idol.  She was down and out, sad and lonely (and dead).
Exactly how I felt.

I carried an outward defensive armor to ward off my mother’s “friends” and my father’s inappropriate and degrading gestures, as well as anything that had to do with the American government, any patriarchal body, or any authority figure who wanted to dominate me.  Any of those scenarios brought up intense anger within me and a deep feeling of revolt.  I had a default opinion about it—F___ YOU and who cares!  As far as I was concerned, any overly structured body was dishonest and damn it, I was right!  I was an angry girl back then.  I could have cared a less about politics and history, let alone school, I was busy surviving.  In truth, I abhorred politics and intellectualizing.

I found tenth grade American History class dreadful, even downgrading to my soul, so much so, I walked out of class during a lecture on the industrial revolution.  I wanted to know, “why it was so important for us to study only half truths, rather than acknowledge the rape and pillage of our American Indian brothers and sisters!”  It completely pissed me off.

I was angry about a lot of things, particularly my parents.  Saturn’s transit to the bottom of my chart forced the evolutionary issues of my soul to the forefront (though unconscious), I had no idea about soul patterns then, and I definitely didn’t have any language to explain it (although I was good at pinpointing what was going on and who was to blame).

Now as an adult, I know, I was born a non-conformist, contrarian if you will, with a lot of karmic juice.  Venus in aspect to four outer-planets and Chiron, square the nodes! Holy frickin bejesus! I signed up for “thorough,” just as the chart of August 10, 1965 suggests.

From an evolutionary astrology perspective, I was born with personal planets in challenging aspects to my generational signature, which invoked deep spiritual and personal initiations, through severe and shocking traumas to catalyze my soul into conscious awakening.  To become aware, to process, heal, and choose…soul responsibility.

Numerous health issues arose due to my highly refined nervous system and digestive system, catalyzing me into a deep awakening path in my mid-twenties, leading me to reach out of the realms of chronic pain-hypochondria (somatic illness), addiction and abuse (Chiron in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio), blame and victim-hood (Virgo-Pisces) towards holism and alternative avenues to sooth my Chironic nature.

Due to the depth of physical-spiritual trauma and disillusionment experienced by many souls in this generation (and others), many remain traumatized in illusion and in addiction to this day, including those who grew up in the sixties, still getting high and drunk as a way to escape.

Each sixties signature, of course, expresses through each individual soul in it’s own unique and personal way, as each soul has its own natal autograph.  Not every soul born in the 1960’s had abusive experiences.  The scenarios are different for each of us, yet similar because of the force of the two outer-planets Uranus and Pluto in opposition to Chiron.  I personally chose to take on the issues in an amplified way, (retro-Saturn opposing Uranus Pluto Venus square the nodes) forcing the issues of internal mastery of the mutable archetypal energies to the forefront–my soul’s work to integrative, reclaim my voice and power, step out of hiding, be of service to Unity consciousness…

Numerous souls born in the 60’s are natural healers and began expressing their gifts early on, but many others were raised in boundary-less wild environments where drug and alcohol use, excessive sexual expression and spiritual disembodiment were the norm, stifling the expression of their innate gifts.  Especially throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, these environments perpetuated sexually and physically abusive, drug and alcohol infested environments, inviting the gray matter of the astral realms (Chiron in Pisces) into the homes and bodies of this generation. 

The 60’s Generation can thus be characterized by highly dysfunctional family systems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, ADD/ADHD, and multiple addiction diagnoses.  Even if we didn’t live within a dysfunction family system, we certainly lived within a culture immersed by it.

Because our generational outer-planets are on the Virgo-Pisces axis, our intrinsic energetic makeup is bestowed with a capacity to process, heal and transcend quickly through vast wounds from the current life, as well as huge amounts of karmic residue from previous lives because of our, “highly evolved potential to channel and process large amounts of light through our entire beings, Virgo-Chiron” (Chiron-Clow).  Thus many of us chose extremely intense personal signatures.

Up next the Underworld and Neptune…

The outer planets coming into exact waxing squares now, suggest that we need an upgrade in energy on every level.  Personally, this speaks to our sublte bodies, the emotional body…what I notice is that vibrational energy medicine will have a pronounced call in the collective body.  What used to work, will fad out, because it is just not potent enough to handle the upgrade in our nervous systems to handle the electrical impulses Uranus is sending us in its new cycle (in Aries).  From a Plutonian perspective, our souls, our collective bowels as well as our own, will either stagnant and hold onto the past (because of fear of the detox-psychic soul awakening–processing memories that come with letting go), which is the shadow of Capricorn.  We have loads of that, depression or miserly postures can take hold of our physical bodies and our structures here on earth.

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