Element of Earth

The element of earth has not been welcomed or honored in our current culture.  Technology, big money, big business, fast food, sexual exploitation, and gas guzzlers have been in the spot light.  But, now the ancient feminine speaks to the collective through Saturn and Pluto, and the 60s Generation is catalyzed once again.

We are called upon to come out of hiding, to step forward as active participants and bestow our sacred gifts, even if what we offer is our own personal healing.
~Wendy Groomes, Magdalene Soul

As carriers of the cellular matrix of the 1960’s, we sing a song of radical deep truth for the Earth and her children.  Escorted by the powerful, regenerative healing force of Pluto in Virgo conjunct the wildcard Uranus, we were meant to awaken and channel the transpersonal compassionate healing balm (medicine) of Chiron in Pisces into the collective unconscious, to help restore the ancient rites of the Earth and the yin principle.

The Sacred Feminine is returning now to claim her heritage, and we have voted (chosen) to be of service to her as we step into maturation.  The baby boomer generation (Pluto in Leo 1938-1958) is retiring or on their way towards it, and we, the 60’s Generation, are being ushered onto the stage of fulfillment as the Earth breaks through into her new form.  This calls on us to take personal responsibility for the fulfillment of our sacred soul signatures.

“As this generation comes into its full stride around the turn of the millennium they begin to contribute their Uranus-Pluto gift of transformative originality to the collective.”
~Caroline Casey, Making the Gods Work for You

Much of the collective though is not embodied and aligned with the Sacred Feminine or Divine Masculine within themselves, therefore they do not intrinsically understand what is happening.  As we continue to move to merge with 5th Dimensional consciousness and a New Earth, Virgo healing gifts will take on new and meaningful roles in our culture.  By 2010 Pluto in Capricorn will begin forming trines to our generational Virgo planets….by 2016 everything we have known and believed in, i.e., alternative healing, will be coming to fruition as transiting Pluto reaches the mid-to late degrees of Capricorn.

The Earth is a living breathing organism, just as we are, and as we move forward in evolutionary time, the Earth will be rebalancing herself.  Extremes in weather patterns will change the earth significantly as she deals with the toxic load and imbalance humans have created.

Technology, drugs, and addictions of all types keep us separated and apart from our essential relationship with each other and the Earth.  As we move through these times, we need to nourish and connect with these elemental qualities within ourselves.


so we may are communing with the elements which encircle the globe, and the universe.  These elements give us the earth we walk on, the air with breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the fuel with warms and cools us.  Without the elements we would not survive or even be alive.

We are billions of cells brought into form and we came here for a reason.  To be alive at this time, not to dreading the coming times and live in fear, but to steward the transition and transform out-dated structures, and to bring healing.

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