Ganesha Remover of Obstacles

Today during Spiritual belly dance class, and after recording the Leo Venus Gate with Tashi and Joanna I thought about the Ganesha mantra.

Back in 2009 I posted about transiting Saturn opposing Uranus, and I correlated the Ganesha mantra to working consciously with them. After meditating about this I had a realization that Ganesha could be considered a Saturnian/Uranian God – he removes obstacles. Sometimes in surprising ways.

The mantra is a means to help break up the stagnation and fear Saturn can bring and to awaken the wild-card flow energy of Uranus.

With all the harsh energies on the planet, if we are not choosing actions that support the constant upgrade of energy we most likely will feel depressed, overwhelmed and heavy or we are in an active addiction covering it up.

As we navigate the

Mantras, conscious movement (I’m soooo grateful for Guru Jagat!! more about this later), staying hydrated (the best water I know is Kangen), eating well balanced nourishing meals, and surrounding ourselves with healthy high-quality relationships (with ourself and others) make navigating these times optimal. Without all that the lower heavy energies can take hold of us.

I’m not suggesting bypassing, I’m suggesting consciousness = evolution, and we are on the fast track now.

Ever notice that time is moving so fast??? well it’s not time that is moving so fast, it’s that consciousness has sped up. Especially since Pluto crossed the Galactic Center in 2009.
<I’ll post the link to that article as soon as I upload it>

Mantras and the like help with our evolution.

Ganesha Mantra: Om gam ganapataye Namaha
repeat 108 times everyday for 40 days
Follow along with Devi Premal on YouTube

Mars~Week of July 15th

Mars the planet of action, vitality, anger, and war has been in Virgo for 8 months, and is soon completing its time in the sign of health, discrimination, and introspection.  On July 4th, Mars ingresses into the sign of Libra–the sign of extremes and the need for equilibrium and balance to manage both ends of the spectrum.

By the end of the week, July 13th, Mars will be at 5 degrees Libra as it begins to oppose Uranus, the planet of liberation, freedom, and many times traumatic surprises, while it also squares Pluto, the turbo planet of upheaval, so to eliminate what is unnecessary.

By the 15th those three planets will be in an exact T-square (hard angles).  These planets are known as malefic’s in ancient astrology and can bring forth harmful, crazy making energy, especially if we walk around unconscious of the timing of their influence.  Consciously, the influence of planets can be worked with in a positive way, but due to the level of unconscious fears and ego patterns that operate via acceptable behaviors, as well as the many addictions humans have, many fall prey to the influence of entity attachments, fear soul patterns of self-doubt…

That said, this time coming up is RE-ACTIVE ENERGY.  Mars and Uranus are squaring Pluto in Capricorn, an earth sign, so be prepared for strange weather patterns, earth changes, human reactions and actions that may be dangerous.  Thus, this is another good time TO LAY LOW, pray, meditate, be as MINDFUL AS POSSIBLE.

Throughout the majority of June, Uranus and Pluto have been in an exact square.  Mars coming along, to join the collective planetary party, amps up the volume.


Winter 2012

FYI- I began writing this post the week of Christmas~

Is it Spring or Winter?  It feels like we live in California here in Maryland, it’s so warm outside!  In 46 years of living here, I don’t recall December having been this consistently warm.  Occasionally in December, we have a few warm days here and there, but not this balmy weather.  Usually, by this time of year, it is quite cold and our souls welcome the warmth the holiday lights and festivities bring.

Today rather than feeling the dreaminess of the holiday season, I felt new growth coming from the earth, rising with inspiration to begin anew, similar to the feeling of Spring.  Funny how the weather mirrors the energy of the planets–Mother Nature is so right on time.  A New Moon, set for December 24th 1:03AM in the sign of Capricorn, is planting the seeds for new growth that may not be since for some time to come.  Capricorn, the mountain goat, rises to the top, with much concerted effort.  The Sun and Moon join at 2 degrees Capricorn, meeting up with the powerhouse Pluto and square the liberator Uranus, and trine Jupiter in Taurus.  These aspects bring great opportunity now, for sustainable ventures, as there is loads of earth element in this power-packed new moon!  Plus Uranus moves direct two days after the new moon (remember the weather, how stormy and mysterious it was), so our lives are going to start moving in new, unexpected and liberating ways.

If we want to understand how this new moon impacts your life personally we look to the natal chart, which reveals specifically where this new moon brings action.  In my natal chart the activity begins in my 7th house of relationship, marriage, and partnership, as that is where Capricorn resides in my chart (7th & 8th houses).  Sagittarius actually opens my seventh house, but the majority of it is filled with the early to mid-degrees of Capricorn, so this is the house that gets most of my attention now.  That and the 10th house, where Jupiter has been hanging out.  So this is all good for me.  I have lots of good business beginning now and feel a new leaf turning in my intimate relationships.  Transiting Pluto in my 7th house (not so fun) continues to flush out karmic relationship patterns, and this new moon was no different, albeit a bit exaggerated.

I believe what this new moon is asking me to consider though, is whether I am truly ready for a deep and mature relationship, one that can ride the wave of radical transformation Uranus is awakening us to.

On New Year’s Day I was sitting out on the deck, in the Sun!  Unheard of around here, but none the less, it was fabulous for bringing in the new year and new energy.