Magdalene Feast Day

Each day now, we build to celebrate the rise of Mary Magdalene in our collective conscious. June 2006 the Pope dubbed her a Saint, and from here forward she is offically honored for her significant role in the ascension of Jesus, the Christ, on July 22nd each year.

It is no small feat to rise up from the underworld, after being submerged for thousands of years, but she has done it and now and every day is a day to humbly revel in her glory and message.

I am continually humbled, by St. Mary Magdalene and all she has brought to my life, how she and Venus have guided me, even when I didn’t know it. And I’m continually humbled by all the women (and men) who follow the Magdalene path, in profound and healing ways, and have graciously shared those blessings with me and with us all (thank you Honi and Michael for the cleansing beauty bathes you gave to us).

More than a thousand books have been written about her, since the opening Venus portal (Venus Occultation in 2004-2012) where the Mary’s poured into our hearts and minds, as the Magdalene rose to the surface of our collective consciousness.

If you don’t know anything about Mary Magdalene and her true role in the life of Jesus and the many gifts she bestows to us now and always, look into Margaret Starbird’s books: The Woman with the Alabaster Jar.

There are many other books about her. By the end of this summer I too will add to the authorship collection about The Tower.

To follow along with the progress of Oracles of Venus, please follow us here.

And may this week of sacred celebration Bless your lives and hearts with all that is truly available to us from the Sacred and the Divine. All we have to do is connect with what is already ours. The ego easily steps aside for such the Grace and Beauty the Magdalene Roselight Path offers.

May you stop and feel, smell and experience the roses of you.

Venus on the Rise

Venus is on the move folks. She is slowly, and surely coming to rise, out from her hidden adventures (to the naked eye) with the Sun (also called the underworld).

May 3rd she ventures towards the evening sky, in Taurus @23 and May 12th Venus moves into the 1st Evening Star Gate, in the sign of Gemini.

This is a very powerful gate, as Venus will be joining the North Node–our collective direction/destiny, and Mercury. All in Gemini (voicing our needs in relationships, expressing our thoughts/ideals through the bodymind–think Venus, and infusing all of this into the earth).

Join me this Evening Star Cycle (May-Dec 2021) to merge with High Feminine Consciousness via our earthly terrestrial living to journey with the RoseLight of Venus and all that she imbues into us (EACH AND EVERY CYCLE) during her monthly cycle and her full 19-month cyCLE.

The Evening Star Phase is one part of her full 19-month cycle.

Learn about your own personal Feminine signature (are you a morning star or evening star?), what your Venus needs and how she impacts your most intimate relationships (to self and other).This course collaborates with the Divine Feminine Goddess Archetypes and is a journey of Empowerment, which is highlighted each month when the Moon meets up with Venus.

We begin May 8th, in-between the Venus Rise and the first Gate.

Video gatherings each month, and recorded material.
$333 for Evening Star Journey & Personal Venus Imprint Reading.
Join the Queen as she moves through each gate towards gaining her Crown.

Feel free to PM with questions.

REGISTRATION FORM BELOW – Open to Women, and Males on Consciousness Path

Spring Equinox 2021

Happy Vernal Equinox All!

With Mars is in Gemini, in separating sextile to the Aries Ingress Sun, this is a time to move forward with our desires and initiate/take action on them.

This analysis is for North and South American Chart (Europe and Australia have different rising and thus planets sit in different houses).

Mars (and Mercury) rules this new season, and is traveling with a few friends: our collective True North (gemini NN) and the Moon in Gemini (how we will assimilate information and our emotions).Gemini/Mercury reflects the people—and their emotions, impatience and anger.

This season will be a time of speaking out, even acting out thus it is imperative to create Vastu cures OR set intention for our Equinox chart(s).

Saturn in Aquarius (new rules) is trine (ease and grace) to Mars, so this is a good time to initiate what we’ve been dreaming up since the winter solstice, setting the foundations of our futures.

What are you ready to take action on? What words, actions and higher vision inspires you now?

Mercury in Pisces is ruling all the Gemini, so be sure to take time to listen deeper, behind the emotional and watery layers…to be clear what is being said and shared (from people and higher realms).

Mercury and Uranus meet up once again, this time in sextile bringing us the opportunity to merge higher mind and logic to create something fresh and new (Aries Sun ingress).
Mercury square Mars, disagreements, quarreling and too much talking all at once is abundant!!! Hahah have fun, and remember to breathe

Jupiter on the Ascendant (north and South America) is like having a guardian Angel watching over us, Pluto in the 11th wants to raise hell to break up the collective funk, and Pisces in the 1st house will want to step gingerly into this new season (Pisces/Neptune also rules immunity/viruses).

And with Venus still in Pisces, she bestows her immense blessings on us via Oneness—ultimate Love, soothing the intensity of the Aries Ingress, and Mars Moon conjunction, softening the harshness that is playing out, relative to the patriarchal themes (racism, elitism), and helping us break free from Virgo/Pisces martyrdom and co-dependency.
Additionally Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries—the wounded masculine will be reeling, but tempered by the presence of Ceres (Mother Earth archetype) this season…hopefully this combo doesn’t express via fires and agriculture (food supply).

Also Venus with the Aries planets in the 2nd house, this season will be hot sexually, lots of procreation going on.

Uranus in the 3rd—inventions and new discoveries, in the field of science and research are bound to come forth, and impulse to learn about quantum everything.

Mars on the IC in the 4th—lots of feelings and tempers flare relative to homelands and Mother Earth themes, including women, children, family and protecting them.

All and all the chart has lots of movement