Ganesha Remover of Obstacles

Today during Spiritual belly dance class, and after recording the Leo Venus Gate with Tashi and Joanna I thought about the Ganesha mantra.

Back in 2009 I posted about transiting Saturn opposing Uranus, and I correlated the Ganesha mantra to working consciously with them. After meditating about this I had a realization that Ganesha could be considered a Saturnian/Uranian God – he removes obstacles. Sometimes in surprising ways.

The mantra is a means to help break up the stagnation and fear Saturn can bring and to awaken the wild-card flow energy of Uranus.

With all the harsh energies on the planet, if we are not choosing actions that support the constant upgrade of energy we most likely will feel depressed, overwhelmed and heavy or we are in an active addiction covering it up.

As we navigate the

Mantras, conscious movement (I’m soooo grateful for Guru Jagat!! more about this later), staying hydrated (the best water I know is Kangen), eating well balanced nourishing meals, and surrounding ourselves with healthy high-quality relationships (with ourself and others) make navigating these times optimal. Without all that the lower heavy energies can take hold of us.

I’m not suggesting bypassing, I’m suggesting consciousness = evolution, and we are on the fast track now.

Ever notice that time is moving so fast??? well it’s not time that is moving so fast, it’s that consciousness has sped up. Especially since Pluto crossed the Galactic Center in 2009.
<I’ll post the link to that article as soon as I upload it>

Mantras and the like help with our evolution.

Ganesha Mantra: Om gam ganapataye Namaha
repeat 108 times everyday for 40 days
Follow along with Devi Premal on YouTube

Mama Bear Care Week

This is a good week to bask ourselves in some Mama Bear care energy. Mars and Mercury are in Cancer opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, along with the New Moon/Sun in Cancer building for Wednesday. With all the Cancer energy we need to tend our emotional natures, and create a womb like space within to nurture an inner sense of security.

Mental and emotional power struggles are quite possible with ourselves and/or others, especially if we are not feeling nurtured and protected (Mama Bear). If this is the case drop back into a resting place, as needed, and explore tapping into your emotional body or spending time with Earth–the ultimate Mama. Even meditating, being quite for five minutes begins the process of tuning into the emotions. Spending time near water and walking in nature, are both supportive in clearing the emotional body.

Family time may be good way to nurture, or there may be family themes that need processing emotionally.
The other big energetic pull we are experiencing now is Saturn squaring Venus. This is heavy energy. It slows things down, makes us want to sleep more, brings up fear/limitation about money, relationships…or some kind of lack, when we honor our inner wisdom and power (ability to listen to intuition/emotional body guidance) and claim our inner Light and Embrace what is in front of us to do, i.e., reach for evolution within our lives, we are lifted out of the tightness/pressure of the Saturn/Venus and help ourselves and each other transform the planetary calling for LOVE.
The consensus default is to absorb the toxicity of the collective insanity and feel inept, defeated, and why bother mentality…the hum drum of the 3rd dimension. A spark of hope, a flicker of light in the HEART, MIND and SOUL is enough to remind us we are on course, on a trajectory of 5th dimension reality (co-creators with the Universe). We are babes who are just crossing the threshold into the Aquarian Age. Remember–reaching for the LOVE polarity, remembering who you really are provides enough fuel to bridge from the 3rd dimension into multi-dimensional awareness, beauty, and aliveness.  Jupiter and Venus are still in positive aspect, fueling the heart chakra full-steam ahead.
We are here together for a reason. It’s not a mistake. 

Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius!

>Wow, the age of Aquarius is upon us. February 14th, Valentine’s Day brought us the exact planetary alignment the 1960’s song, Aquarius sang about with the moon in the 7th house, and Jupiter in alignment with Mars. The photo of this man standing inside of a crystal cave gives us literal insight into the phenomenal energy all the Aquarian planets are pouring onto the planet now, and how powerful planetary energy and the cosmos are.