Book Release Updates


To receive notifications of release of Oracles of Venus ~ Messages from Mary & the Magdalene May 2021

With immense inspiration from the Aquarian downloads coming through now (February 2021) and the blessings and abundance pouring in from the Divine and her helpers, like Tashi Powers, Messages from Mary and Venus’ Star Rose-Light is 75% written/created.

The intention is to have her birthed in May 2021, in alignment with the Feminine’s intentional guidance of course.
Book includes:
  • Magdalene visitations and her messages
  • Mother Mary’s New Earth message
  • Magdalene Soul integration and how she imbued every aspect of my life, teaching me to remember, and you too!
  • Venus Workbook
  • Astronomy & Astrology of Venus
  • Receiving RoseLight and weaving it into daily higher dimensional integrative living
  • Illuminating the Pentagram
  • and more!