About Wendy

My love of the stars began in childhood, which eventually led to a never-ending exploration of astrology that began in 1990.  This led me to self-study for decades and then officially study Sacred Marriage Astrology and the Venus Cycle (2005-2006) with Adam Gainsburg.

From there I spent months on the School of Evolutionary Astrology Message Board, where I met Linda Jonson and eventually joined her EA Zoom Admin Team, where we taught and dialogued about Venus and many astrological topics. 

Thankfully there I had the opportunity to met astrologer Tashi Powers.

Through Tashi’s generous teaching-learning presentations (originally on EA Zoom and now through RaMA TV about the Venus Pentagram Point, Venus Gates, and the evolutionary cycles of planetary cosmological consciousness and their influence in our lives) I’ve had the pleasure to co-present with her on many occasions since 2020.

Prior to all of this, I attended massage therapy school (1994) and has a full-time bodywork and core energetic healing practice for close to three decades. During this time, I went on to get a BA (2005-2010) in Holistic Studies & Religion, including Women’s Studies, with a special focus on Heiros Gamos and the Sacred Feminine (BC).

I also love gardening, hence this photo here.

To schedule an Oracles of Venus appointment please contact her via email or by phone (301) 825-9833. 

I am the founder and author of Oracles of Venus, and an intuitive healer and light channel.  Innate gifts from childhood, professional training and life experience combined bring a wealth of bodymind, heart and soul to all my offerings.

My work includes astrology, energetic and physical core development, intuitive healing, conscious movement, creative expression, energy medicine and communication with animals.

In the late 1980’s I began a journey of complete and total surrender, which led me to embrace alternative and integrative methods to heal from numerous challenges (trauma, abuse, dysfunction, addictions, chronic pain).  

Massage therapy and bodywork, holistic psychotherapy, shamanism, metaphysics, twelve-step recovery, astrology, whole food nutrition, acupuncture, meditation, spiritual belly-dance, energy Pilates, homeopathy, herbs, flower essence therapy, crystal healing, New Thought Churches, The Course in Miracles, telepathic communication, cellular transformation and more became the gateway to my transformation and ultimately a career in personal growth, wellness and well-being.

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