Ganesha Remover of Obstacles

Today during Spiritual belly dance class, and after recording the Leo Venus Gate with Tashi and Joanna I thought about the Ganesha mantra.

Back in 2009 I posted about transiting Saturn opposing Uranus, and I correlated the Ganesha mantra to working consciously with them. After meditating about this I had a realization that Ganesha could be considered a Saturnian/Uranian God – he removes obstacles. Sometimes in surprising ways.

The mantra is a means to help break up the stagnation and fear Saturn can bring and to awaken the wild-card flow energy of Uranus.

With all the harsh energies on the planet, if we are not choosing actions that support the constant upgrade of energy we most likely will feel depressed, overwhelmed and heavy or we are in an active addiction covering it up.

As we navigate the

Mantras, conscious movement (I’m soooo grateful for Guru Jagat!! more about this later), staying hydrated (the best water I know is Kangen), eating well balanced nourishing meals, and surrounding ourselves with healthy high-quality relationships (with ourself and others) make navigating these times optimal. Without all that the lower heavy energies can take hold of us.

I’m not suggesting bypassing, I’m suggesting consciousness = evolution, and we are on the fast track now.

Ever notice that time is moving so fast??? well it’s not time that is moving so fast, it’s that consciousness has sped up. Especially since Pluto crossed the Galactic Center in 2009.
<I’ll post the link to that article as soon as I upload it>

Mantras and the like help with our evolution.

Ganesha Mantra: Om gam ganapataye Namaha
repeat 108 times everyday for 40 days
Follow along with Devi Premal on YouTube

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