Venus on the Rise

Venus is on the move folks. She is slowly, and surely coming to rise, out from her hidden adventures (to the naked eye) with the Sun (also called the underworld).

May 3rd she ventures towards the evening sky, in Taurus @23 and May 12th Venus moves into the 1st Evening Star Gate, in the sign of Gemini.

This is a very powerful gate, as Venus will be joining the North Node–our collective direction/destiny, and Mercury. All in Gemini (voicing our needs in relationships, expressing our thoughts/ideals through the bodymind–think Venus, and infusing all of this into the earth).

Join me this Evening Star Cycle (May-Dec 2021) to merge with High Feminine Consciousness via our earthly terrestrial living to journey with the RoseLight of Venus and all that she imbues into us (EACH AND EVERY CYCLE) during her monthly cycle and her full 19-month cyCLE.

The Evening Star Phase is one part of her full 19-month cycle.

Learn about your own personal Feminine signature (are you a morning star or evening star?), what your Venus needs and how she impacts your most intimate relationships (to self and other).This course collaborates with the Divine Feminine Goddess Archetypes and is a journey of Empowerment, which is highlighted each month when the Moon meets up with Venus.

We begin May 8th, in-between the Venus Rise and the first Gate.

Video gatherings each month, and recorded material.
$333 for Evening Star Journey & Personal Venus Imprint Reading.
Join the Queen as she moves through each gate towards gaining her Crown.

Feel free to PM with questions.

REGISTRATION FORM BELOW – Open to Women, and Males on Consciousness Path

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